Health Services

 - As we seek to support your child to grow academically and spiritually, we endeavor to support them physically during school hours as well. The school health office is staffed with qualified personnel (RN) to coordinate daily healthcare needs for your student.


-coordinating care for students with special health care needs

-administering prescription medication including but not limited to asthma and epi-pens when needed

-providing as needed OTC medication to help improve quality and quantity of time in classroom instruction

-organizing immunization and health screening records

-providing triage and care for injury sustained during physical activities

General health office information forms

-in order to help ensure the school nurse has adequate knowledge regarding your child, please fill out the general health information form prior to the beginning of school. List any current allergies or health problems you would like taken into consideration and please follow up in bringing it to the attention of the school nurse. Students with severe food allergies, asthma or other chronic illness will require a meeting with the school nurse prior to or during the first week of school to discuss individualized plans of care.

- the health office information form also gives written permission for your child to be administered OTC medications during school hours should the need for comfort measures arise. Guardians will be contacted prior to administering a first dose of OTC medication even if signed consent has been given.

-please update phone numbers and contacts for prompt communication

When to stay home and When to return

 Students may not attend school if any of the following symptoms are present

  • Fever with temperature of 100 degrees F or greater
  • Suspected contagious illness (such as flu, unidentified rash, strep, etc)
  • Suspected contagious conditions (such as pinkeye or impetigo, etc)
  • Vomiting or diarrhea in the past 24 hours

 Students may return to school

- after fever subsides for 24 hours without antipyretics (fever reducing medications such as tylenol or advil)

-after diarrhea subsides for 24 hours without anti-diarrhea medication

- after vomiting subsides for 24 hours without anti-vomiting medication

Doctor’s note will be required for students returning with symptoms such as rash or pink eye that is unresolved. Doctor’s note will also be required following broken bones, injury or surgery.

Contact for more information

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