Spring Baptist Academy is pleased to offer a concept in enrollment management called Continuous Enrollment. From the time of initial admission through high school graduation, your student will be considered enrolled at SBA unless a parent or guardian notifies the school otherwise.

This contract begins this academic year and will automatically renew each successive academic year until your student has graduated from SBA. This contract will be in effect unless and until it is terminated by SBA at any time, the student graduates, or the parent completes the withdrawal procedure.

As a family maintains their continuous enrollment, each student’s information (i.e., address, phone, email, emergency contacts, and medical information) continues from grade to grade. SBA will help to maintain the database by reminding parents to update their demographic information regularly.

SBA will publish the following school year’s tuition rates, fees, and other relevant enrollment information.  Once a tuition payment plan is set up, the agreement will be renewed with the same payment plan each year unless the family provides written notice to change the payment plan option.  The Registration Fee for the following academic year will be incorporated into normal payment plans.

We understand that circumstances can change from year to year. If you do not plan to return to SBA for the upcoming school year, please notify us by Notice of Withdrawl.