Our History and Growth throughout the years:
Spring Baptist Church was established over 100 years ago and ministered and served in the Spring community faithfully. Children have always been a priority in all ministry areas. The Pre Kindergarten program was started in 1993. The classes for Kindergarten and First grade were added in 1998. From that start the school has gradually grown until 2011 when it formally became the Spring Baptist Academy. We are now Pre-K through 11th grade. We are adding 12th (2025-2026) grades in the upcoming school years.  The love for children is only exceeded by the love of Jesus Christ by all faculty and staff.

The Academy offers a unique educational setting where parents partner with teachers to teach all core subjects from a biblical worldview. We seek to teach children they can develop to their fullest potential, when led by Christ.

Pre-K through 11th is offered three days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Our parents are co-teachers on Mondays and Fridays, using lesson plans written by our teachers. Parents instruct, grade, and re-teach material outlined by the classroom teacher. Because of our small class sizes, teachers are aware of each child’s needs and can cooperate with parents to help each child succeed.

In May 2022, Spring Baptist Academy completed the initial requirements for full accreditation by the National Alliance of Christian schools (NACS). Through NACS accreditation we are also accredited through the National Council for Private School Accreditation.

To learn more details about NACS and their mission and partnership with Kingdom Education Ministries view their website :  https://nacschools.org/

In the 2022-2023 school year, we have added extra-curricular activities for the Middle school and High School.  A school nurse was added to our staff as well.